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The Bukavu story: a journey of faith to resolve conflict

In 1992, a Rwandan Tutsi-led military operation swept through the Sud-Kivu Province. The Banyamulenge, a Congolese tribe of Tutsi origin who had lived and worked in the Congo for generations, were expected to take up arms and join forces with their Tutsi brothers. What resulted was another tragic account of needless bloodshed. But the hatred, […]

Buried in the jungle

Pastor Banampona Kimpenene was living with his family in the village of Tshelu in 1997, when Rwandan forces invaded the Pangi territory of the Maniema Province. Although he had served as a pastor there since 1985, his life was about to be turned upside down. Because tensions were building and he feared all he had […]

Our first visit to Mbuji-Mayi

In March of 2006, Pastor Kalaki, Pastor Musansa, and I flew to Mbuji-Mayi to gather pastors and church leaders from across the province for a leadership conference. We were also evaluating the possibility of establishing a future Bible school extension there that would serve the training needs of the Kasa├»-Oriental Province. The trip went well, […]