Bible school administration and professors

Bible School Leadership Summit

Because of the enormous size of this country and its almost complete lack of infrastructure, it can be very difficult to gather leaders for important meetings. That is why this particular meeting was without precedent. For the first time, all of the academic secretaries of our Bible school extensions in the interior were able to come together from across the country for a week-long leadership summit with our Bible school administration and professors in Kinshasa.

The summit was a tremendous success! Curriculum was revised and new standards were established to improve the quality of training that is being provided for all of our current and future students.

Bringing these leaders together was an essential step in our efforts to ensure that all of the extension sites are on the same page. Thank you for helping us make this leadership summit possible. Many of these leaders would not have been able to come without help.

Please remember to pray for these leaders and their families—pray for their protection from the attack of the enemy, and pray that the Spirit of God will empower them as they teach and pour out their lives to invest in the next generation of leaders.