Mbandaka Bible School alumni

A special gathering of alumni in Mbandaka

In Story, Training by Todd Churchill

Since graduating from the Mbandaka Bible School, many alumni have gone on to lead successful ministries, plant new churches, and use their gifts and training to reach the lost and disciple new Christians. To date, more than 100 have graduated from this influential ministry training center. They recently gathered together in Mbandaka for a special reunion. The most meaningful part of their gathering was the testimony service they organized to give thanks to God for all He has done, and to share how their years of Bible school training have helped them in their lives and ministries.

Mbandaka Bible School alumni

It’s difficult to adequately convey their gratitude with a few words and pictures. But, when you consider that just a few years ago there were only four trained Assemblies of God pastors in the entire Equator Province (which is almost as large as the state of California), and that they had been waiting 26 years for ministry training to made accessible in their province, it helps put it all in perspective.

On behalf of these graduates:”Thank you for bringing Bible school training all the way to Mbandaka. Words cannot express how much it means and the impact it is having.”