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The story of Ezechiel Kabanga

Ezechiel Kabanga had grown up in the Katanga Province and was working in Sakania (a city near Lubumbashi) mining cobalt, magnesium, copper, and coal. Suddenly, in 1993, he was ordered to leave. Kabanga told us that many Baluba were beaten, others burned alive, and some even buried in latrine holes before they could escape. They […]

Our first visit to Mbuji-Mayi

In March of 2006, Pastor Kalaki, Pastor Musansa, and I flew to Mbuji-Mayi to gather pastors and church leaders from across the province for a leadership conference. We were also evaluating the possibility of establishing a future Bible school extension there that would serve the training needs of the Kasa├»-Oriental Province. The trip went well, […]