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To the ends of the earth

In Church planting, Evangelism by Todd Churchill

We’ve all heard this phrase from Acts 1:8, which is also translated as “the uttermost part of the earth.” Sometimes we think of this place as being a remote corner of the world that’s next to impossible to reach—perhaps a …

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The story of Ezechiel Kabanga

In Church planting, Story by Todd Churchill

Ezechiel Kabanga had grown up in the Katanga Province and was working in Sakania (a city near Lubumbashi) mining cobalt, magnesium, copper, and coal. Suddenly, in 1993, he was ordered to leave. Kabanga told us that many Baluba were beaten, …

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The impact of training

In Church planting, Evangelism, Training by Todd Churchill

Wherever Bible school training has been established in DR Congo, there has been a dramatic multiplication of laborers, and an explosion of evangelism and church-planting in the surrounding areas. The same thing happened in the province of Asia when Paul …