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Bible School studentsLeadership Training

In 2005 we launched a nationwide initiative to bring Bible school training into DR Congo's war-torn interior. We targeted strategic cities across the country that would make training accessible to those who had been without. By 2010 we had established eight Bible school extensions and six satellite training centers in nine different provinces.

Enrollment in these training centers has grown considerably over the years with students still coming great distances to be trained in our 3-year program. We are currently providing training for more than 500 church leaders from many different church denominations and fellowships. Since 2009 nearly 600 students have graduated from this program!

Every semester course materials are printed and shipped to training centers across the country. Trained professors are flown to remote locations where they are needed; and, to ensure that each training center is equipped to function and host students from the interior, we provide tables, chairs, chalkboards, beds and mattresses as they are needed.

We are so grateful for the generous support of our partners in the states who make this possible. It would be impossible to communicate how much all of this means to the hundreds of Congolese pastors and church leaders who are benefitting from this effort.

Graduates in Mbandaka

Your giving makes a difference.

Amount What It Accomplishes
$10 provides a month of training for a pastor
$50 provides a semester of training for a pastor
$100 provides a year of training for a pastor
$300 provides three years of training for a pastor (graduate)

Mbuji-Mayi Bible School

Bible School Construction

To accommodate the tremendous growth of this program we are helping the national church build Bible school campuses in strategic cities across the country. Since 2009 we have completed the first phase of construction in the cities of Mbandaka, Nioki, Kindu, Mbuji-Mayi, Kananga and Lubumbashi. These initial academic buildings provide a library, classrooms and administrative offices for six different provinces with a combined population of more than 40 million people!

Historically the national church in DR Congo has found that wherever Bible school training has been established in the country, an explosion of evangelism and church planting has followed in the surrounding areas. We believe that Bible school training is a strategic key to reaching this nation.

Together we can provide these students with the facilities they need, that will enable them to equip others, plant churches, reach the unreached, and minister to the desperate needs of their people. Together we can help reach the heart of Africa.