Graduate giving back in Kindu

KINDU — In 1980 Pastor Kalungu Kongolo and his wife sensed that God was calling them to go to the remote province of Maniema in DR Congo’s vast jungle interior. They left their home, their extended family and the life they knew […]

Former Muslim preparing for ministry

BUKAVU — Joseph, a Muslim background believer, was in Saudi Arabia studying Shari’ah law when he began searching for references to Jesus Christ on the internet. Through his studies he became a Christian and is now preparing for ministry through the Assemblies […]

Pastor Timothée and his wife

Pastor Timothée’s tent church

GOMA — On a recent trip to Goma we were able to catch up with Pastor Timothée (pictured above with his wife and daughter next to Bill Shaw), who recently graduated from our Bible school extension in Goma. Two years ago he planted […]