Nioki Bible School

The first Congolese missionaries who tried to bring the gospel into the Maï-Ndombe Region faced tremendous resistance and persecution, some were even killed. However, in 1990 an Assemblies of God Bible School graduate named Moïse Beyumu went to the area with a vision to establish a strong evangelistic work in Nioki. He started Golgotha Evangelistic Center and has been instrumental in planting many new churches in the area. But because of the lack of access to Bible School training, in 2006 there were still only five trained AG pastors in all of northern Bandundu.
Bandundu Province
Project: Nioki Bible School
Project#: 4879
Location: Bandundu Province
Size: 114154 square miles (almost as large as Ivory Coast)
Population: 5.6 million
AG Churches: 309
Trained AG pastors in northern Bandundu in 2006: 5

Nioki Bible School Extension

Strategically located in the most unevangelized region of northern Bandundu, the Nioki Bible School Extension is making a tremendous impact in this dark area that has been oppressed by witchcraft and spiritism for generations. As graduates are sent out each year to evangelize and plant churches, this area is being shaken by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Graduation ceremonies in Nioki are more like open-air evangelistic campaigns where the gospel is preached, the sick are healed and newly trained pastors and church leaders are launched into the harvest field.

"We are excited to be training missionaries to reach the pygmy tribes of the Kutu, Inongo and Kiri territories to the north."

Rev. Moïse Beyumu
Academic Secretary, Nioki Bible School Extension

Bible School Construction

A 7.5-acre piece of property was acquired in 2009 for the development of a Bible School campus in Nioki. We began construction on the first phase of this project shortly thereafter. Because of Nioki's remote location most of the building materials had to be purchased in Kinshasa, where they were loaded on a barge and shipped up the Congo, Kwa and Mfimi Rivers to their destination in Nioki. The completed Academic Building now stands at the crossroads of several major riverways bringing light to the whole Maï-Ndombe Region.