Kindu Bible School

Kindu Leadership ConferenceSince 1981 the Assemblies of God has planted more than 150 churches in the Maniema Province. But in 2005, still only one of those churches had a trained pastor. The remote location of this province, combined with many years of war, prevented church leaders from being able to access Bible school training in the nation’s capital. In 2005 we held a leadership conference in Kindu, the provincial capital, to encourage and strengthen chuch leaders and assess their need for training. We were told that it was the first time that an AG missionary had ever set foot in the Maniema Province. National church leaders came from hundreds of miles away, many walking for weeks, just to attend the conference. They were pleading with us to find a way to bring training to their province.

Maniema ProvinceKindu Bible School – Project #4880
Location: Maniema Province
Size: 51,062 square miles (>Benin)
Population: 1.8 million
AG Churches in 2006: 156
Trained AG Pastors in 2006: 1

Kindu Bible School Extension

Kindu Bible School Extension students

In February 2007 we opened a Bible school extension in Kindu. More than 80 students enrolled that first year, many of whom graduated after three years of training. In spite of numerous difficulties, the students and faculty of this Bible school extension continue to impress us with their perseverance and commitment. Students are still coming from far and wide to be trained for ministry in Kindu. One of our professors comes to almost every session from Shabunda by motorcycle, risking his life to pass through the dense jungle terrain still controlled by Hutu rebels. We are grateful for the impact this Bible school is having in the Maniema Province.

Kindu Bible School campus

Kindu Bible School Construction

Kindu Bible School

Because of generous donations from our partners in the states we were able to break ground on the first phase of the Kindu Bible School campus in 2010. The two-story 3,869 sq ft Academic Building was completed in June 2012. Its two large classrooms, library, and four administrative offices are already being used to capacity. Students are currently sleeping in the offices and library on the first floor until a dormitory can be built. Funds are currently being raised to help meet this need.

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